Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

There Are Warning That You Can Watch out For Before It’s A Little Too Late. Don’t Wait Until Your Computer Is Not Usable, That Could Mean Data Lost Or An Operating System  Corrupted.


The Computer Is Overheating

The Computer Is Starting To Freeze

Pop ups

The Computer Is too Slow


If You See Your Computer Making Strange Sounds, That Might Be A Big Issue With Your Computer


A Computer Reacting In An Abnormal Way, Must Be  A Good Sign For A Computer Check Up, Which Is Free If You Come To Us


If Water or Another Substance When Inside The Laptop, Don’t Try To Turn It On. You Have More Chance If You Bring To Us Asap


A Computer With Smoke Coming Out Of It, Could Mean A Mayor Damage To The Motherboard. Call Us To Set Up A Free Diagnostic



Don’t Hesitate To Call Us, We Have More Than 10 Years Fixing Computers

Computer Diagnostic

Call Today For Free Estimate



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